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Peak Harvest Cannabis flower is grown to perfection with each harvest. We harvest every month of the year, so you get the freshest flower there is, every single time you visit. We think your experience should be stellar every time, and we are sure you will love our exclusive genetic strains, carefully selected to offer a great variety, and, we think, the best overall flower experience you will ever have!

07.01 4 flower.jpeg

Pre - rolls

Find your favorites in a convenient ready to smoke pre-roll. Our pre-rolls come in half gram and full gram sizes. Want an infused pre-roll? We have them too! Using our premium, fresh flower as the foundation, you will experience the best in New Mexico!


Want the ultimate in convenience for an inhaled product, without the smoke of flower? You will find the top brands of vape cartridges at Peak Harvest, including portable pens and full size carts. See your budtender and find which one is right for you.



Peak Harvest features amazing quality edibles! From top names in Gummies, to delicious chocolates, to lollipops, you are sure to enjoy our selection! Edibles are super convenient to get the dose that is perfect for you.


Peak Harvest has a selection of the best Topical creams, oils, and lotions for your use. Roll them on, rub them in, to target specific areas you need relief, and sit back and let the goodness happen!



Care to Dab? Find the perfect concentrate for yourself at Peak Harvest, Concentrates offer you a great way to get a quicker effect without the smoke of flower, and ours are premium quality. 

Drinks & Goodies

Find your favorite THC drink at Peak Harvest Cannabis. Numerous flavors and profiles. Want a frozen treat? We offer THC ice cream too. You will love them!



Come on in and find your favorite style, color, size of everything you need. Grinders, Pipes, Bongs, Dab Rigs, rolling papers, cones, lighters and so much more. Always in stock for you!

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