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Rewards & Discounts

Join the Rewards Program!

Earn Rewards for every purchase you make at Peak Harvest Cannabis.

Enrollment is free and automatic

Each eligible guest is automatically enrolled in our rewards after their first purchase. All you have to do is purchase your favorite cannabis products through Peak Harvest Cannabis. We automatically track your points for you.

Earning Points

Each dollar you spend (before tax) on qualifying purchases earns you 1 point. (Example: spend $80.00, receive 80 points)

*Rewards are subject to change. Contact your Peak Harvest Cannabis Dispensary for a list of the current awards available. 

Veterans Discount

Peak Harvest offers discounts to veterans with their medical cannabis card, or for recreational use. As described below, a veteran must provide Peak Harvest with their valid ID, medical cannabis ID and one of the following forms of military ID to receive any discount.

- Valid identification includes

Department of Defense ID card, VA ID card, Driver's License with "Veteran" printed on it or a copy of a DD-214.

Veterans with valid identification will receive 10% off  medical or recreational cannabis purchases. Valid ID must be presented at time of purchase. 

Disabled Veterans Discount

Veterans with a valid Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation letter along with a valid medical cannabis card are eligible for a discount on cannabis purchases based on their disability compensation rating:

Disability compensation rating: 1 - 40% equals a 15% discount.

Disability compensation rating: 50 - 70% equals a 20% discount.

Disability compensation rating: 80 - 100% equals a 30% discount.

*Exclusions may apply

Senior Discount

Peak Harvest Cannabis offers a 10% discount to those that are age 65 and older with a valid ID.

Recreational Discounts

10 % off for Veterans & Military with Valid ID

10 % off for Seniors

FREE Rewards Program For All Customers

*Can not combine rewards with coupons or any other discounts.

Customer is responsible for all applicable tax on discounted and reward program merchandise/products.

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