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If you need to change up the energy in a room, the Colored Reflective Beaker Bong will add some magic to your home in all the best ways. Choose between an 8-inch or 10-inch beaker style glass bong and watch your space transform. Made of reflective glass, this cheap bong might look basic but it hits hard and delivers smooth bong rips with every pull. An ice catcher and splash guard helps with filtering each hit and all you have to do is pop in a few ice cubes if you want and get those lungs ready. With a 14mm female joint and 2.5” downstem, you’ll only need a few hits before you start feeling the effects. Legend has it that this water bong can look into your soul, this is like the stoner version of a genie in a bottle so feel free to take a hit and make a wish!

Colored Reflective Blue Beaker Bong 8in.

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