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Peak Harvest Cannabis flower is grown to perfection with each harvest. We harvest regularly so you get the freshest flower there is, every time you visit. We think your experience should be stellar every time, and we are sure you will love our strains that have been carefully selected to offer a great variety and the best overall flower experience you can have!

web_Apple Dumplin.jpg


Apple Dumplin™

In our mission to bring our customers the most flavorful terpene expressions, we found her - Apple Dumplin! The strain is a cross between Gelato 33 and Apple Fritter, two strains that were specially chosen from a selection of 50 different phenotypes. 

THC %   |   CBD %

                  22.64%       0.01%

web_Banana Cello.jpg


Banana Cello™

An award-winning combination of Lemoncello and Banana MAC crossed together to deliver a delicious and creamy expression. Banana Cello produces large purple colas covered in trichomes that smell of citrus and cream. 2nd place winner in the Limonese category at the 2022 Harvest Cup and deemed to be in the top 5 favorite flavors of all time by High Times competition judges in Michigan.

THC %   |   CBD %

                   18.57%       0.01%

web_Holy Guacamole.jpg


Holy Guacamole™

GG#4 (Josey Wales 2014 cut) crossed with our Sour Cherry Larry. You can't miss the hints of GG#4 in this cross! Back when GG#4 was reaching its time in the sun, we decided to kick her up a notch to help stabilization and deliver more sour in the flavor profile. You can expect hints of cilantro and rich dark chocolate taste from the small dense trichrome coated buds.

THC %   |   CBD %

                   22.97%       0.01%

web_Sour OG_edited.jpg


Sour OG™

Selected over 10 years ago from a Cali Connections pheno hunt for the original Sour Diesel. "The Queen" of our stable was selected for her consistent and high gassy terpene profile and upper 20 percent cannabinoid content. A favorite "go to" cultivar for people who love rich flavors. In 2022, Sour OG was voted "Best Overall" by the judges at the Harvest Cup. Sour OG's perfect 50/50 blend of Josh's OG Kush and AJ's Sour Diesel will leave you in awe and wanting more.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  23.93%       0.01%

web_The Juice_edited_edited.jpg


The Juice™

Do you like oranges? If yes, then this bud's for you! Created by crossing our 4 Queens, Sour OG, Gorilla Cookies, GG#4, and the legendary Ohio Lemon G, the Juice produces the thickest and frostiest trichrome buds we have ever seen! The aroma is that of burnt orange and a perfectly crafted Old-Fashioned cocktail. It has a throttle that leaves most on the edge of their seat. The juice is the epitome of the

Sativa effect.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  18.66%       0.01%

Web Nimbus Snacks_edited_edited_edited_e


Nimbus Snacks

This cross of Durban Mints and Girl Scout Cookies is a real winner. Providing an uplifting sativa effect and fighting off the stress from the day is what Nimbus does best. Paired with an amazing aroma of pine and lemon Nimbus Snacks will leave you satisfied and ready for more.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  18.33%       0.06%

Web Grape Fog_edited.jpg


Grape Fog

What is there to say about Grape Fog? We could talk about its unique aroma, a sweet citrus paired with a spicy pine that leaves your sniffer tingling. Or how about the taste? A natural earthy taste with a sort of floral hint that mellows the senses. This flower is one that makes you want to throw on your favorite tunes and just relax.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  17.87%       0.06%

Web Tuscan Gelato_edited_edited_edited.j


Tuscan Gelato

Tuscan Gelato carries a citrusy candy like smell and appearance. Her vibrant colors of green and orange make sure she stands out from the crowd. Matched up with a spicy bold yet satisfyingly sweet flavor that indulges you to come back for more.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  17.35%          0%

Web Midnight Runtz_edited_edited_edited.


Midnight Runtz

Midnight Runtz is something to get excited about! Its vibrant greens and dazzling hues of purple and orange are a sight to see. She delivers all of the flavor and effect of the original Runtz plus carries terpene benefits of Linalool, Humulene, and Myrcene.

THC %   |   CBD %

                  23.55%       0.10%

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