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How We Grow

Peak Harvest grows the freshest, cleanest and purest, cannabis flower year round.

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We grow indoors using the most sustainable, proprietary growing method in the world.

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We use far less water than other growers - in fact, 95% less water than outdoor grown cannabis, and with a fully re-circulating closed loop system that supercharges healthy plant growth and delivers a perfect oxygen rich environment to the root system with optimum uptake of micro and macro nutrients, 24 hours a day.

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Trichome development for each genetic cultivar we grow is unparalleled, as the plant receives optimum care; from our Moms, to our cloning process, our veg process, and finally our flowering period...all timed just right.

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Our growing schedule allows us to harvest continually, all year round, so you are assured that each time you visit and buy our flower, it is at the very peak of perfection.

How We Cure
Exclusive in New Mexico!

Peak Harvest Cannabis New Mexico is the exclusive licensee for the worlds best method for drying and curing to perfection. Everyone who has tried our flower tells us it's the best they have ever had.

The technology we have invested in and are using at Peak Harvest is courtesy of Cryo Cure, the world leader in cannabis curing using technology that results in an amazing finished flower.

Combine the best curing method on the planet with the best growing method on the planet and you have the formula for the best flower in the world.

Why Cryo Cure?

Cryo Cure is the unrivaled pioneer in cannabis curing. Their cutting-edge technology produces an amazing, finished flower unlike any other method. We achieve amazing results consistently with each harvest.


Here's why it's different:

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Preservation of the flower.  The trichomes are all completely protected so you experience terpenes like never before.

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The smoothest smoke you will ever experience!

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No shrinkage during the process!  When you buy our flower, it looks like it was just cut from the plant, and the aromas of the terps is beyond compare!

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We call it Live Cured Flower.
You will be amazed every time you enjoy our flower!

Our Team

The folks that work at Peak Harvest Cannabis have a true sense of commitment to our cannabis cultivation because each member has a long standing belief in the value of this magnificent plant.

Each and every member of our team, whether they work in our cultivation, packaging, or one of our dispensaries, has demonstrated a special sense of appreciation for this plant. We believe the fundamental nurturing and care for the plant is reflected in the incredible end product that we sell to you...our friends and customers.

Our owners consist of individuals that range from multi-generational families in New Mexico dating back hundreds of years, to inventors of amazing technology with a purpose of helping people in areas of health, well being, and nutrition.

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The Peak Team on Cryo Cure Training Day.

Our Philosophy

Share the love! We give our best efforts every day, from what happens behind the scenes, in the farm, the drying and curing process, packaging our products, and then the experience you have visiting us in our stores. We want to make sure each and every time, you feel the love too.

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